Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Great Gambino

At work this evening, we had a table of fifteen, who were in the midst of morning the loss of "Mr. Gambino."  To be frank, I have no idea who this man was or who he wasn't.  I had never heard of him until I heard of his passing.  Anywho, the tidbits I did hear about him were positive, filled with praise and filled with nothing but good words.  

Later tonight, a group of four elderly people came in.  They were the last table.  I groaned, feeling sympathy for my fellow bus kid, knowing she would have to stay longer.  I wondered to myself, "what could four OLD people possibly be doing out at 930 at night?!"

My boss informed me that they were four of Mr. Gambino's friends, and proceeded to tell me how many friends the man had, and how many loved him.  I softened my hard stance on the "four OLD people" that had decided to come into the restaurant at this ridiculous time.  

So many people out there just float off into whatever transient existence there may be.  No one knows, and no one cares, and whatever space they are tumbling through, they started their journey alone.  I can only hope that when my time comes (later is more preferable), I will enter whatever transient existence (if any), knowing I have left behind a cadre of friends and loved ones who will continue to relish in the memories we made until they all fade.

Hats off, Gambino.

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