Sunday, June 15, 2008

Reflections on Tim Russert

After watching today's broadcast of Meet the Press, and the warm remembrances during it, I stood in the kitchen reflecting on a man that I never knew.

Tim Russert, as Rush Limbaugh properly put it, was one of the few examples of journalistic objectivity in the media.  That was a paraphrase of Rush; I can't remember his exact words.  
I watched "Meet the Press" nearly every Sunday with my father.  Although I was generally dismayed at the leftward tilt of the panels Russert had on his show, he himself was generally as objective as he could be, and I appreciated that.  Despite whatever beliefs he held (and I do not know what they were), professionalism and objectivity came first.  

In a world full of self-aggrandizing "journalists," who pat themselves on the back, while simultaneously bashing conservatism, Russert set himself apart as someone who was really objective.  

As a man who authored books on the relationship between father and son, Tim Russert held a place in my mind as something only found in the relationship between me and my dad.  The sound of Russert's voice will always take me back to my home, on a Sunday morning.  Those mornings spent with dad, watching the "Talking heads."


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