Friday, June 13, 2008

Awesome Day/RIP Tim Russert

So, today me and my friend Moke (Mark) went to Cupsogue in Westhampton Beach today.  Let me say, as the first ocean day of the summer, it was a good one.

Perfect sun, not too hot, not too cold.  The water was crystal clear.  Thankfully the algae haven't been growing yet, so you could see your own feet at the bottom of the water for once.  It was cold, but we got used to it quickly.  The waves weren't that big.  Two to three feet at best, but we caught a few good rides and were satisfied.  

The beach wasn't crowded.  No shoebies, no summer people.  Nada.  

At one point this girl came up to me and was going to ask me a question.  I knew she wouldn't ask for my number or to get down my pants, that never happens (LOL), but she did ask for a bottle opener.  My dear girlfriend's parents bought me a leatherman last Christmas.  It is pretty much one of those multi-tool S.O.Bs that can practically open a can on one side and stab someone on the other.  Anywho, I gave it to her, with a can opener on it, and wished her luck.  A few moments later, I saw the girl still struggling to get the beer open, so I walked over at the advice of the woman sitting near Moke and me.  I helped them open their beers, and for my efforts, they generously provided Moke and me with two ice-fucking-cold Coronas.  AWESOME.

From then on, Moke and I enjoyed a nice, ice cold beer on the beach, watching the crystal clear water under the perfect sun.  

Then I worked, which blew, but whatevers.

Pics soon.
Cya Latte'

Update:  I forgot to add that it is a sad day with the passing of Tim Russert.  Although he was not a spectacular example, he was a pretty damn good one of how to be an objective journalist.  His panels on Meet the Press were usually stacked left, but Russert himself remained neutral.  Regardless, 58 is too young.  R.I.P.  In a world full of self-serving hack "journalists," the world has lost a real, true-blue journalist. 

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