Thursday, June 12, 2008

Jon Stewart and HALO 3

Short little intro:  I used to blog a while back, but was inspired to return to it after seeing a friend start her own, and quite entertaining blog.  


After a night of brewing beer and watching "Something About Mary" at my friend's house, I returned home to the unfortunate sight of Jon Stewart on our beautiful 52-inch Pioneer flat screen.  How the television deserves such a better image laid out on its pixels.  

The guy is funny (sometimes).  However, most of the time I find him to be trite and silly with his attacks on Republicans.  For example, on tonight's show, he insinuated that coverage on Iraq has been minimized because of the Bush Administration.  How dense is this guy?  
The only reason Iraq has been taken off the table is because the media has no use for it.  General Petraeus's counter-insurgency strategy has been successful since its implementation.  It is no longer something for the media to hound the President with anymore, so it is an item of no value to "journalists."  The President and other conservatives have been the ones trying to bring attention to the successes of the unbeatable U.S. military.  Stewart has got to be kidding.  

In other news......

I stumbled upon an awesome video on YouTube today.  Personally, even if you are not a fan of the HALO series for Xbox/Xbox360, you will still find humor in the following:

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