Wednesday, June 25, 2008

An Eye-Opening Book:

I don't read books often.  I start some, but fail to finish them due to other obligations such as skrewel (school) and work.  However, for the first time in quite a while, I have finished a book. This book has been so completely eye-opening.

The masterpiece that I finished this afternoon is written by Islamic theologian Robert Spencer. The title of the book is "Religion of Peace?  Why Christianity is and Islam Isn't."  

In the West, it is customary for many liberals and conservatives to create parallels between the dangers of Christianity and Islam.  The left generally demeans the Judeo-Christian foundations of Western civilization and society.  Folks like Rosie O'Donnell, Dinesh D'Souza, Ralph Peters, and various other left and right wingers try to make equivocations between the two religions.  However, this is not possible.  

While Christianity, and its crux, the New Testament, preaches tolerance towards others, the separation of divine and secular law, the partnership with one wife, and general peace with those who do not believe as you do, Islam preaches intolerance and subjugation upon those who do not believe as Muslims do, the idea of Islam being not only a religious guideline for a civilization, but a political one as well, polygamy and pedophilia, and waging war against those who do not agree to submit to Islam, or to pay the Jizya tax that unbelievers pay under Islamic subjugation.  

The book also covers various myths propagated by various leftists (mostly), and some conservative commentators.  They range from accusing Christian leaders in this country of attempting to establish theocracies equal to that of Iran or Saudi Arabia, claiming Christianity is just as violent, that its history is just as checkered, or that Islam is indeed a religion of peace, a bastion of feminist benevolence, while Christianity isn't.  There is also the oft-repeated lie that while Christian civilization produced nothing in the fields of science or technology, Islam was a fortress of progression.  This is only the tip of the ignorance iceberg.  

This defense of Western, Judeo-Christian civilization is so well thought out, so well documented, and so clear and easily digestible, I could not put it down.  

For example, we often hear the liberal complaint that Christianity aims to put women "back in the kitchen, barefoot, and around for the sole purpose of bearing children."  We hear that the "Religious Right" in this country is hell-bent (excuse the pun) on establishing theocracy.  Despite the best efforts of leading Christian leaders, proclaiming that they are not interested in such actions, they are often ignored by leftists who dislike Judeo-Christian tradition.  What is paradoxical, is that when folks point out those in the Islamic world who proactively encourage and proclaim efforts to establish Islamic theocracy worldwide, through violent and societal means, those folks are lambasted as racists, Islamophobes, and all-around haters. This is hypocritical and moronic.  

Again, leftist feminists in this country do nothing but complain about the alleged misogynistic aims of the Christian right, while remaining silent, or criticizing those who speak out about the real women's rights abuses in the Islamic world, ranging from polygamy to pedophilia, from beating wives to penalizing women for suffering rape.  The double standards and hypocrisy are stunning, unbelievable, and certainly disheartening.  Despite the lies perpetrated by Islamists and their Western apologists, the Islamic world is not a bastion of feminist freedom,  but an abyss of abuse of femininity.  

Spencer's book is not a crock.  It is well documented, and founded completely in Islamic theology, scripture, comment, and the statements of contemporary leading Islamic leaders.  It is a riveting defense of Western Judeo-Christian civilization.  People are unable to deny what this man says, as it is INSIDE of Islam itself.  

As Spencer eloquently says:
"Whether one believes in Christianity or not, it is necessary now for all lovers of authentic freedom to acknowledge their debt to the Judeo-Christian West, to the Judeo-Christian assumptions that built Europe and the United States, and to acknowledge that this great civilization is imperiled and worth defending.

On that first step, everything else depends."

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