Wednesday, July 2, 2008

"Is that what you call tact? You're as subtle as a brick in the small of my back..."

Brand New says it best.  

Yesterday was my first day working at the beach for the 2008 summer season.  I had the pleasure of working with Gena G., sitting, eating, talking, and teasing the cars that entered the beach.  It sure beats the past six summers I've spent laboring at various fish markets.  Hoooly cow.

Anywho.  Around two o'clock, a man in his 60's entered the beach driving a small four-door gray sedan.  At our beach, you can only be given a sticker for entry if you live in Cutchogue or New-Suffolk.  He claimed he owned property in Cutchogue, but provided me with no validation.  He also threw in the fact he was ex-law enforcement, perhaps in an attempt to guilt me into initially refusing to give him an entrance sticker.  The man was also a professor at C.W. Post.

After giving him his sticker, the man went about his business to drink his coffee and have his lunch.  About an hour later, he came by to speak to us before he drove off.  Somehow, he ended up going on a tangent about global warming and finished his monologue with the following:

"But the government won't do anything about it (global warming).  Bush is too busy sitting in his air conditioned office.  The fool."

Why are liberals so tactless?  Why are they so tasteless?  

I love politics.  People know this.  However, I have the maturity to know that is one thing you don't bring up in a cavalier manner, especially to those who you do not know.  Despite this unwritten law, I have noticed throughout my existence that those on the left really do not know, or if they know, do not adhere to this reasonable rule.

Last week, I attended a friends 21st birthday party, when I was cornered about who I planned on voting for.  I politely informed everyone that politics is not something to discuss at a party.  My father has had problems like this as well, as he has been badgered by a family of leftists at various social functions, parties, and bar-be-ques.  

Every time someone starts foaming at the mouth about politics in a situation where politics should not be discussed, I have found that the person partaking in such stupidity is always a liberal.  Be it the liberals in my family, my circle of friends, or the liberals I meet in my working circles, they all decide to bring politics to the forefront of the discussion.

Bringing politics to the forefront of a discussion in a place where politics should not be discussed always bears disastrous results.